Riding or Driving Instruction and Training

Cassie & AngelaQ: What do we teach at Lynn McCallister Stable?

A: We start with the basics of safety and horse care, along with riding. From the first time on a horse to preparation for saddle seat competition, we teach you from the ground up.

There is the thrill of individual competition with the realization that success depends on one’s ability to work with others. Rather than stress winning, we teach riders to be the very best they can be, and winning happens as a result rather than a goal.

It’s healthy, happy, wholesome entertainment for the entire family!

Pilot Heir and HannahQ: How do you find ways to reinforce values taught in the home, OUTSIDE the home?

A: Learning to ride teaches a student–young or old–how to overcome fears, trust your instincts, how to work as a team with your horse, how to achieve goals and above all, how to be responsible. The results are as dramatic as the concepts are simple. The instructor and the rider are advancing toward a common goal and the end result is a wellspring of lifetime lessons never outlived.

Q: How often should I ride?

A: Riding is no different than other athletic activities. It develops and uses muscles that you do not use in other everyday activities. Therefore, it requires frequency to achieve efficiency. Weekly lessons are the standard for busy children who are more active and have short attention spans. But if you are an adult looking to escape from everyday stress at work, home or school, you might progress at a more rewarding pace by scheduling two or three lessons per week. Students with goals of showing are most benefitted by more frequent lessons.

Red Headed RachelFor those who are not as comfortable in the saddle, but look for the wonderful interaction and excitement of horses, driving lessons might be your forte!

Q: Do I need to buy a horse?

A: Absolutely not! We have safe and reliable lesson horses at our disposal for riders of all ages and levels of experience. Should you advance to the point that you would like to purchase your own horse, Lynn will be happy to guide you and advise you so that your purchase is one you will enjoy for many years to come.

Still have questions? Call or eMail Lynn at 913-579-7709.

  • A private riding lesson with Lynn McCallister is only $40.
  • All lessons are private.
  • We enjoy a heated indoor arena for year-round riding!


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