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Central States Winter Tournament Rules

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Central States Winter Tournament

HORSES: All horses must be a mare or gelding, ABSOLUTELY NO STALLIONS. Academy horses must be school horses regularly used in a lesson program and must not be in training. Show horses may show in Show Practice classes only.

EQUIPMENT: All academy classes are Saddle Seat (unless specified otherwise) and require a flat English type saddle, but any type bridle may be used. Show practice horses should use appropriate saddles, but any type bridle is acceptable. Protective Equipment is optional. NO BLACKING OR BRAIDING. NO RIDING HABITS. Jods and jod boots recommended. Use of helmets is encouraged.

CLASS SPECIFICATIONS: Classification of individual riders is up to the discretion of each instructor. All classes are academy classes, unless they are designated Show Practice. ALL ACADEMY CLASSES ARE SADDLE SEAT ONLY.

ADVANCED: Open to show and academy riders. Academy horses only.

INTERMEDIATE: Academy riders and horses only.

BEGINNER: Academy riders and horses only. Instructors may enter the arena.

SHOW PRACTICE: Academy and show riders. Academy and show horses.

ACADEMY PLEASURE: Academy riders and horses only; no show riders or Advanced academy riders.

COMMAND: Academy riders and horses only. Judged on the rider’s ability to follow instruction. May be asked for stops, circles, reverse at any gait, backing, etc.

SHOW PRACTICE: Current USEF rules will be followed. EXCEPTION: Any type bridle may be used, any type martingale is permitted, and protective equipment is optional. No stretcher or chains.

PLEASURE DRIVING SHOW PRACTICE: Open to all drivers. Instructors may ride in the cart with the driver. Hooking and warmup will be allowed in the show ring only. Carts must be outside the building until the last riding class is completed.

  • Rider’s age as of December 1st will determine his/her age group throughout the season. Once a rider has cantered, return to walk/trot is prohibited. Riders cannot return to a lower class level once they have advanced.* A show rider is anyone who has participated in a class requiring a riding habit at any show, anywhere. An academy rider is any rider enrolled in a lesson program who has not shown in a class requiring a riding habit.
  • Classes to be divided with no more than six (6) exhibitors per division. Horses are not to be judged in academy classes. Academy classes are to be judged on the ability of the rider to control and show his/her horse to the best advantage. Correct diagonals and leads are important.

*EXCEPTION: Class 31, Walk/Trot Show Practice, is also open to Hackney ponies under saddle with riders 17 & Under (regardless if the rider has cantered in a show before). Only registered Hackney ponies may be shown in this class by a rider that has cantered before. All riders on other breeds may never have cantered at any horse show.

Contact Lynn McCallister with any questions at 913-579-7709 or by eMail.